Everyday carry for College Students

✍️ Introduction

As a student in Gaborone, Botswana I have never really had much advice going into college. And everyday carry tech was never brought up, from my freshman year to my junior year I’ve just been underestimating the benefits of having proper tech in those college years. Tech and the proper use of it have really improved my productivity and saved up a lot of time for me.

🚀 Here is my list

Technology is an essential part of college life, the pandemic has increased our reliance on tech and there are many tech-related items that can be useful for college students like you to carry with them every day. Here are the top 7 tech EDC items that every college student should consider carrying:
  1. Laptop: A laptop is a must-have for most college students, as it allows you to complete assignments, access online resources, and stay connected with classmates and professors. At Botswana Accountancy College, you are provided with a laptop, as for other Tertiary Institutions I’m not sure. As a college student in Botswana, make sure to save up for one.
  2. Phone charger/Power Bank: A phone charger is essential for keeping your smartphone charged throughout the day. Consider carrying a portable charger or power bank in case you are unable to access an outlet. I can’t stress this enough, please make sure that you purchase a good-quality phone charger or large-capacity power bank for your smartphone.
  3. Headphones: Headphones can be useful for blocking out noise and distractions when studying or working on projects. Consider a pair of noise-canceling headphones for even better focus.
  4. External hard drive: An external hard drive can be useful for backing up important documents and files in case your laptop experiences a hardware failure or is lost or stolen, I speak from experience and don’t think laptop failures or lose of the laptop or having it stolen won’t happen to you.
  5. Smartwatch(Not Necessary): A smartwatch can be a useful tool for staying organized and connected, as it allows you to receive notifications, track your fitness, and access other features without having to pull out your phone.
  6. Calculator: A calculator can be useful for completing math assignments and solving other problems. Consider a scientific calculator if you are studying a science-related field.
  7. Portable speaker: A portable speaker can be useful for listening to music, podcasts, or other audio while on the go.

🧩 Conclusion

In addition to these items, you may also want to consider carrying other tech-related EDC items that are specific to your needs, such as a USB drive or a stylus and even a proper backpack. For more inspiration check out Andres Vidoza on youtube for a more in-detail EDC(Everyday Carry) tech list.

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