📝 Articles

I like to blog about my journey as an aspiring Data Scientist & College Student.

Hopefully you’ll find some of it interesting!

📆 Productivity

How To Type Faster: 8 Actionable Tips To Increase Your Typing Speed

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✍ Studying

Clean Data, Better Models👍: Data Quality Issues ⚠️ that kill your ML Models
Overcoming Common Challenges in Data Science Studies🤔
Effective Study Techniques⚙️ for Mastering Data Science🔭

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💼 Career

Preparing for a Data Science Career 💼: A Student's Guide🗺️
5 Tips for Gaining Experience with Real-World Data as a Beginner Data Scientist 🚀
Data Science Success Stories: How These Professionals Achieved Their Goals 💪

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🖥 Tech

Beginner's Guide: Setting Up Your Computer for Data Science with VS Code, Miniconda, Jupyter Notebooks, Notion & YouTube Channels📚💻📊
Top 7 Everyday carry tech for College Students

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