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Final exams and big semester-end papers and projects can be very challenging. There is so much to learn, keep organized, and remember. Not every studying technique works for every student, so experiment with a few of these important study tips to find out which ones work best for you.

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Clean Data, Better Models👍: Data Quality Issues ⚠️ that kill your ML Models
Overcoming Common Challenges in Data Science Studies🤔
Effective Study Techniques⚙️ for Mastering Data Science🔭
How to live life as college

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How and why should you use Anki flashcards as a College Student

📚 Books I've read that helped improve my grades

Data Science for Business is a book written by Foster Provost and Tom Fawcett that introduces the principles of data science and how they can be applied to solve business problems. The book is aimed at professionals who are new to data science and want to learn how to apply data-driven approaches to their work.
The Third Door is a book written by Alex Banayan that tells the story of his journey to interview some of the world’s most successful people and uncover the secrets to their success. The book explores the idea that success is often achieved through a combination of hard work, persistence, and creativity, and it encourages readers to be willing to take risks and pursue their dreams.
Atomic Habits is a book written by James Clear that focuses on the concept of building good habits and breaking bad ones. The book discusses the importance of small, incremental changes in behavior, and how they can lead to significant improvements over time.

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